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Internet Marketing With Email

The benefits of using email in your online marketing strategy are many. For one thing using email in your marketing gives you both: 1. Lower costs by being able to market effectively to the people most interested in your products and services 2. Increased revenue by being able to effectively reach the people who basically […]

Collecting Customer Emails For Increased Revenue

Are People Visiting Your Site and Leaving For Good? You already know how hard it can be to get visitors to your website. Once there it can be even harder to get them to become your customer right away… In fact, did you know that it almost always takes at least seven contacts with your […]

Email Marketing

One of the most important things you can do for your online business is capture the email address of your site visitors. Decisive Marketing offers two packages that can immediately increase the success and revenue of your website. Package #1 -Email Marketing Implementation With the EMI plan a professional email marketing specialist will install a […]

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