Collecting Customer Emails For Increased Revenue

Are People Visiting Your Site and Leaving For Good?

You already know how hard it can be to get visitors to your website. Once there it can be even harder to get them to become your customer right away… In fact, did you know that it almost always takes at least seven contacts with your prospect before they become a customer…

Think about this, once they visit your site and leave, it may be impossible to get them back.

But wait, by initiating an email response system on your website its possible to gather your visitors information and continue the sales process. You can create that relationship that gives you the opportunity for your visitors to get to know you, trust you, see your sales message and become your customers.

With an email opt-in list you can create a long term business resource that pays you for years to come.

How do you accomplish this…

1. By collecting the email addresses of your website visitors

2. By using a powerful message exactly tailored to influence and appeal to your target market.

3. By creating resonance with your prospects and gaining trust

4. By using highly effective viral marketing principles that are proven to psychologically make your customers give you word of mouth, and trust your recommendations

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