Internet Marketing With Email

The benefits of using email in your online marketing strategy are many. For one thing using email in your marketing gives you both:

1. Lower costs by being able to market effectively to the people most interested in your products and services

2. Increased revenue by being able to effectively reach the people who basically raised their hand and said give me more information about you and your business.

3. More word of mouth from your subscribers. As your frequent messages are received in their inbox, who do you think will come to mind when they have a question or want in your market?

4. Achieve expert status in your target market. By delivering frequent information that’s interesting to your prospect they will recommend you to others and begin to perceive you as the person to go to when they need the answers.

5. Build a stronger business relationship. Online business is no different then offline business, it’s built on relationships. Email marketing gives you the ability to communicate directly to your prospects forming a long-term and ongoing relationship with them.

Simple put, email marketing gets results!

You want the prospect to take action by offering small baby steps to saying yes. Give a free incentive to have the prospect opt-in and start them on the way through your sales funnel. This incentive can be a free report, audio, video, teleseminar or coaching that has a perceived value. This gains you trust and will weed out people who are not serious and get those who are interested a call to action that gets them to say yes.

Most importantly, it’s been proven that most people don’t purchase on the first exposure to your product. In fact it usually takes seven or more exposures to a product to get an interested customer to make a purchase. Capturing their email will give you the opportunity to continue the sales message and eventually make the sale.

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